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Soldier's Name:  ARMOR, JUNIUS AMERICUS "JUNE" (listed on muster roll as June A. Armer)
Rank(s):  Pvt.
Enlistment Date & Location: 3 July 1861, Westville, Dale County, Alabama
Service History: Present: Winchester, Virginia 25 May 1862; Cross Keys, Virginia 8 June 1862
Date of Birth: 22 April 1843
Place of Birth: Georgia
Date of Death: 19 June 1862 (disease)
Place of Death: Richmond, Virginia
Burial: Richmond, Virginia
Father's Name: Richard William Armor (b 6 January 1811, d 26 July 1871 in Coffee County, Alabama)
Mother's Name: Adeline Brown ((b 31 December 1813, d 2 January 1873)
Spouse(s) & Date(s) of Marriage: Not married
Children: None
Occupation(s): Farmer
Residence(s): Clintonville, Alabama
Your Name: Georgia V. Fleming
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